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ARCHIVED SITE - no longer being updated. Feel free to read what's here but The Cynic is starting again on on the Comics Blog.

Jugs, Beavers, and Exploding Balls
Jugs, Beavers and Exploding Balls -- reckless euphemisms in comic strip form.
FIRST CYNIC COLLECTION IN PRINT -- Buy a copy now, less than retail.
"Jugs, Beavers, and Exploding Balls"
2004 -2005 Dailies
By Jeff Swenson

Yes, I finally got 2 years worth of Cynic comic strips collected. This large format book comes with a full color cover and also includes all of the holiday specials from that time period.

Warning: As usual, The Cynic does contain language and adult situations and is a far cry from the syndicated sweetness found between Garfield and The Peanuts. Not that there's anything wrong with those strips but The Cynic will probably never end up on a greeting card. It might be able to lick the stamp on a Bloom County greeting, but that's as close as it will get to sentimental commercialism.

So buy yourself a copy of a comic strip that isn't holding back in order to spare your feelings. I've always wrote what I thought was funny for The Cynic and and the characters always warmed my heart because they had so many flaws and yet were the kind of people you'd want to hang out with.

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One of the most infamous comic strips on the web, The Cynic. 7 years running.


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Scott's Babe Pages Now on, Scott has started his Babe Pages. A new babe each week. Heather's Muscles and Chocolate Also on, Heather has started her Muscles and Chocolate pinups for the ladies.
2003--Cat Sitting Troubles
Sonja is asked by a co-worker to sit for a cat. Heather comes along to help. What they don't realize is how vicious this cat can be towards strangers.
Doyle The Guinea Pig 2005--Doyle's Fascination With Serial Killers
Normally he's a sweetheart but for whatever reason, Doyle has a morbid obsession with murder.
2002--Cynic Halloween Special
Currently available to be read on, this is the very politically incorrect "Murder At Burgertown" story.

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Kevin as a zombie 2001--Cynic Halloween Special
I believe this is the very first Halloween special I drew for the web way back in 2001. As usual Scott brings havoc down on The Cynic gang.
Doyle with snorkel 2006--Site Exclusive: Scott Lust and Sonja's Bath Interrupted
Some strips on Scott's efforts to control his urges and a color comic on Sonja being rudely interrupted while taking a bath.
pastor pratt with bullhorn 2000--Cat Abortion Clinic. First storyline on the web.
Yes, the first Cynic episode to be posted. Pastor Pratt is up in arms that there is an abortion clinic for unwed cats.
True Satanist Nhoj 2003--Pastor Pratt's wife has a baby by a satanist. Some history on his misfortunes.
Pastor Pratt's life is always falling apart. Part of that has to do with his cheating wife, or now ex-wife.
Sonja has never seen Star Wars 2005--Sonja has never seen Star Wars
Scott finds out that Sonja is a Star Wars virgin. She has never seen the original movie.
Glue Sniffer 2003--Glue Sniffing
Scott isn't selling drugs, he's selling glue to minors and other potential addicts.
Christmas Kid from The Cynic 2004--Christmas Strips
Heather drags Kevin shopping and all the lost kids of the mall gravitate to Heather's bruthal disciplinarian ways.
Winter Cynic Special 2004--Winter Comicbook Special
Kevin has a Cynical holiday as he goes to a video store to rent the horror movie Black Christmas and is assaulted by kids.
Doyle and Thanksgiving 2003--Thanksgiving
Doyle is doing his best to make T-day dinner but everyone has to work so they can't attend his special dinner. And he ain't happy about that.
Bad Buffet Thanksgiving 2004--Thanksgiving
The gang goes to a buffet instead of staying at home. But the buffet isn't exactly sanitary.
Early Heather comic from The Cynic 2000--Xmas Special
If you wanted to see what Heather was like as a good Church going gal instead of the current opinionated bi-sexual, then read this early Cynic Holiday Special.

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